Chappli Kebab (diet)

Chappli Kebab recipe
Chappli Kebab (diet)

Description: - Kababs made healthy and can be eaten without roti (bread) or rice to cut down on carbohydrates. Minced meat is a good source of protein and will keep you fit without compromising on taste and dieting.

Recipe Of Chappli Kebab (DIET):


  • Keema (Minced meat) 500g
  • Tomatoes (2 medium size chopped);
  • onion (1 small size chopped); 
  • eggs 1 raw and 2 scrambled;
  • bread crumbs 2tbs; 
  • Laziza Chapli Kebab Masala (or red chillies and gram masla);
  • corriander, mint and salt to taste.

  1. Put all the Ingredients (shown above) in a Mince.
  2. Mix it very well. Make shapes as u want.
  3. And Do Shallow fry it.
  4. you can also defreezed it.and use it, when u need. Enjoy

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