Chicken Alakeiv drumsticks By Chef Shireen Anwer

Chicken Alakeiv drumsticks

Chicken Alakeiv drumsticks


Chicken wings ½ kg
Salt ½ tsp
Black pepper ½ tsp
Ginger garlic paste ½ tsp
Ingredients for stuffing
Butter 4 ounces
Coriander leaves chopped 1 tbsp
Cheddar cheese 4 tbsp
Egg 1 beaten
Bread crumbs as required

Debone chicken wings, chpperize meat in chopper with ginger garlic, salt and pepper, take a little portion of meat in your hand stuff with butter and cheese filling, wrap around the bone to give a drumstick shape, dip the drumstick in e baton egg then in bread crumbs repeat twice, chill for 1 hour in freezer, deep fry on medium flame until golden about 15 minutes.

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