Moti choor kai ladoo By Shireen anwer

 Moti choor kai ladoo By Shireen anwer

Moti choor kai ladoo:

Dana ingredients:
Gram flour 400 grams
Ararot 2 tbsp
Semolina 1 ½ tbsp
Rung kat a pinch
Clarified butter for frying
Laddoo ingredients:
Dana 400 grams
Sugar 300 grams
Orange food color a pinch
Lemon color a pinch
Cardamom/mace/nutmeg powder ¼ tsp
Melon seeds 10 grams
Almonds/pistachios for garnishing

To prepare the dana
1. In a bowl mix together 400g gram flour, 2tbsp arrarot, 1 1/2tbsp semolina and a pinch of rung kat. Beat well until a batter of a thin consistency is formed. Make sure that all lumps are removed
2. Heat ghee in a wok .Take a large metal sieve with small holes Hold the sieve about 4 inches above the hot ghee.
3. Pour the batter into the sieve. Now use another spoon to gently press the batter through the sieve and into the ghee. It will fall like tiny drops/ beads - Boondi - into the oil!
4. Now fry the Boondi till they are a very pale golden color. When done, drain, remove and place on an absorbent paper until all the oil is absorbed and the bhoondi is dry.
5. To prepare the ladoo
6. In a separate deep pan heat the water and add the sugar.When the sugar dissolves add the rung kat. As the mixture boils scum will rise to the top. Skim this off with a metal sieve.
7. Add the dana and cook for a while. When half of the mixture remains in the pan add a pinch of lemon color and zarda color. The mixture should start looking yellow
8. When the dana softens cook until the water dries. Now transfer the mixture to a tray.
9. Add 1/4tsp pg nutmeg and mace powder cardamom powder and chaar maghz .Allow to mixture to cool.
10. Now grease your hands lightly , with the help of your hands mash the mixture and start shaping into ladoos. Press gently but firmly to bind the Laddoos together. Arrange as you go, on a lightly greased platter
11. Garnish with chopped pistachios and almonds.

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