Khobani ka metha by Chef Shireen anwer

 Khobani ka metha by Chef Shireen anwer

Khobani ka metha:

Dried apricots 250 gm soaked for 4 hours remove seeds
Sugar ½ cup
Ingredients for custard
Milk 1liter
Sugar ½ cup
Custard powder 3 tbsp heaped
Cream 1 packet
Almonds as required

Soak dried apricots for 4 hours, remove seeds, cooked them with half cup sugar and 1 cup of water till tender, remove and spread in a serving dish, make custard by boiling together milk and sugar, thicken custard with custard powder dissolved in little cold milk, when custard thick remove, cool custard and spread on top of apricot layer in dish, before serving, spread top with fresh cream and almonds. Serve chilled.

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