Hunter beef by Chef Shireen anwer

Hunter beef

Beef 1 ½ kg
Cinnamon 4 sticks
Black pepper whole 1 tbsp
Cloves 1 tsp
White cumin whole 1 tbsp
Salt 3 tsp leveled
Lemon juice 6 tbsp
Kalmi shora 2 tbsp leveled
Jaggery 3 tbsp leveled


Grind together cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, white cumin very finely, marinate beef piece with ground masala mixed with salt, lemon juice, crushed jaggery, crushed kalmi shora very well, prick beef well on both sides, keep in fridge covered for 3 to 5 days, keep pricking daily then wrap the piece and tie with a string put about 3 cups of water in a pan , put the beef piece in it along with its own water and marination, leave it to get tender, when water dries and beef tender, remove, cool, cut into slices.

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