Mini Cheese cakes by Chef Shireen anwer

Mini Cheese cakes

Mini Cheese cakes:

Ingredients for base:

2 cups digestive crushed biscuits
4 ounce melted butter

For filling:
1 cup cream cheese
½ cup curd cheese
1 ½ cup whipped cream
1 tbsp gelatin
¼ cup of water
¾ cup of caster sugar
1 packet of pineapple jelly
1 cup pineapple tidbits
½ tsp pineapple essence

Method for base:
1. Crush biscuits, mix with melted butter.
2. Spread in individual mini cheese cake pans. Chill for 30 minutes.


1. In a bowl beat together cream cheese, curd cheese with caster sugar and ½ packet of jelly crystals.
2. Dissolve the gelatin in water.
3. Then fold the mixture in dissolved gelatin with whipped cream, pineapple essemce and pineapple tidbits.
4. Spread mixture on the biscuit base. Chill till firm.
5. Dissolve remaining ½ packet jelly with ½ cup of water.
6. Spread on top of individual set cheese cakes till jelly is set.
7. Decorate with swirls of whipped cream, pineapple and cherries.

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