Chocolate box Cake


Use a ladle to completely fill the mold with tempered chocolate.shake the mold around a little to ensure that the tempered chocolate coats every surface of the mold cavities.
Turn the filled mold over the bowl of chocolate allowing any excess chocolate to drip out. Lightly tap the mold ,to remove excess chocolate.
Turn the mold upside down over a bowl and tap with the scraper again.t
he majority of the chocolate should fall out into the bowl underneath to leave the shell of chocolate coating each hole.turn the right way up and scrape off the exess the mold upside down on baking tray.leave it to set for 10-15 minutes in a cool,dry area.
Once it has begun to thicken and set.use a knife scraper to scrape top of the mold clean.return the mold to the baking sheet and allow it to finish setting,before adding the filling.
Scrape off the excess to create what will sctually be the bottm of the mold.this thin layer of chocolate is then allowed to harden before the molds are inverted and lightly tapped to remove the finishing molded chocolate.

Repeat This process on the different size mould acording to the height of the box cake, and it cool for an hour.then in last safely put all chocolate boxes one by one.Enjoy

dont forget to fill your chocolate box with malteres, colourful bunties or cake as well.

please share your views if you like it :)

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