Hot Fried Prawn By Chef Shireen Anwer

Hot Fried Prawn

Jumbo prawns 300 gm
Ginger chopped 1 medium piece
Garlic chopped 3 – 4 cloves
Spring onion chopped 1 (optional)
Flour 3 tbsp
Chili powder ½ tsp
Worchester sauce 1 tbsp
Egg 1
Coriander leaves 2 tbsp (optional)
Oil for fry
Corn flour 2 tbsp
Baking powder ½ tsp
Dry flour ½ cup
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder ¼ tsp

• Wash and clean 300 gm jumbo prawns, cut from centre, coat with dry flour and keep aside.
• In a bowl mix together 3 tbsp flour, ½ tsp baking powder, 2 tbsp corn flour, ½ tsp black pepper, 1 egg, salt to taste and water as required to make medium consistency batter.
• Also add in ½ tsp chili powder , chopped coriander leaves and chopped spring onion leaves.
• Now dip each prawn into the batter, coat the batter very well on prawns, deep fry till golden brown.

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